Wire Basics: Wire Wrapped Beaded Ring




In this step by step tutorial you will learn to make a basic wire  wrapped ring with one bead.  Always take saftey precautions by wearing protective eyewear and gloves.  In this project I will be using 20 gauge copper wire.  This project can also be done using 18 gauge if the hole in the bead is large enough for it to fit through.  I always use dead soft wire.



Tools and Materials:

One 12″-15″ piece of 20 gauge wire

Ring Mandrel

Wire Cutters

Flat nose Pliers

Jeweler’s File

One 6-10 mm Bead

Liver of Sulfur (optional)

Step 1: Begin by sliding your bead onto the center of the length of wire and bending it do that both ends are pointing down.











Step 2: Using your flat nose pliers, bend the wire away from the bead, making somewhat of an “L” shape.  Repeat on the other side.











Step 3: Place the wire onto your ring mandrel in the size you want it to be and wrap it around on both sides.











Step 4: Bring both sides of the wire all the way over the ring mandrel and then wrap one side up and over the bead until it’s facing the other direction.












Step 5: Bring the other side up and over the bead like you did in step 4 and repeat each side once more.












Step 6: Carefully remove your ring from the mandrel and take the loose end of wire through the ring and wrap it around the band.












Step 7: Continue wrapping the loose end around the band three times and then trim off any excess wire with your wire cutters.  Use your flat nose pliers to make the end lay flat against the band.












Step 8: Repeat step 7 on the other side and file down any sharp wire ends with your jeweler’s file.












Step 9: Put your ring back onto the mandrel to reshape it.












Step 10: (optional) Use liver of sulfur to give your ring a rich, earthy look.











I hope you found this tutorial fun and helpful.  Now you can have a blast with different wires and beads!


9 thoughts on “Wire Basics: Wire Wrapped Beaded Ring

  1. I love your clear directions and all of the photos. I look at these and think, “hey! I can do that!” (And I can – wow!)

  2. Thank you so much for this Heidi, I really appreciate it. I have a very large collection of single beads that i didn’t know how to use. Now i do. I have been busy making rings. Big hugs and thank you again, joey

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