Beaded Drop Earrings Tutorial

These earrings are a twist on the herringbone weave.  They make these beaded drops a little more special than just using a head pin.  You can use almost any bead you like for these earrings, although I do not recommend a flat coin or flat oval bead.  For this tutorial you will need: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, two 8-10″ lengths of 24 gauge wire, two 2 1/2″ lengths of 20 gauge wire or two pre-made ear wires, and two beads of your choice.

To start you will need to make a loop in the end of your length of 24 gauge wire.  I have chosen to use copper wire.

You will want to wrap it about 5 or 6 times, so that you will have approximately 1/4″ above your bead to wrap your weave around.

Cut off any excess wire with your wire cutters.

And smooth down the edge with your chain nose pliers.

You may also want to use your chain nose pliers to flatten the loop.

Now take your bead and slip it on.  For this demonstration I am using an 8 mm round Autumn Jasper.

Taking the length of wire begin wrapping the wire around the bead halfway.

Before you continue wrapping your wire the rest of the way around the bead, wrap it once around the base of the loop.

Now you will continue wrapping the wire all the way around the bead until you reach the base of the loop once more.  You want to keep the second wrap in front of the first.

And once again wrap it around the base of the loop one time

Next, wrap the wire around the bead for a final time.  This time wrap the wire behind the first wrap.

When you reach the base of your loop, wrap the wire around once or twice to secure it.

Remove any excess wire with your wire cutters.

And smooth down the end with your chain nose pliers.

And you have finished one drop!

Either using pre-made, store bought ear wires or making you own, attach the drop to finish the earring.

Follow the above steps to complete the other earring.

You can use a variety of beads and different wire to make these earrings.  You can also use liver of sulfur to give them an antiqued look like I have in this pair.

The possibilities are endless!  Have fun!


55 thoughts on “Beaded Drop Earrings Tutorial

  1. I’m new to working with wire. I’ve seen a lot of videos and turorial on line and after trying several I thought maybe I should just give up. After finding your blog and this great tutorial I made 2 pairs in about 20 minutes. I can do it! Thanks for sharing with all of us. I am so enthused that I might just look up a class on metal smithing. I always wanted to do it but at 62 I thought maybe it was too late in life to learn. Maybe not. Thanks again.

  2. I might be missing something, but the second two bottom loops don’t seem to stay put on the bead. They slide right off though they’re wrapped at the top. Does that make sense? How to do I keep the two loops intact alongside the bead?

    1. You might try holding the wires in place while you wrap. If they are sliding along the bead a you wrap them, they will end up being to small to stay in place. Also, make sure you’re overlapping them like I have in the photos. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for the how to on the earrings.I was wondering about the pink tool you are using looks like it would not mar the wire as much as the metal. I love all your pins! Lori

  4. You’re welcome! The pink is simply the handles of my chain nose pliers. These are great pliers, but I can’t remember the brand name. I picked them up at either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby 🙂

  5. Beautiful Idea!!
    My job has done a “Re-Do” of what to wear and what not to wear. My red-beaded co-ordinated lanyard is no longer allowed. We now can only wear gold, silver and platinum jewelry. I what to make my jewelry gold since I’ve been with the company for over 10-years and these earring are just perfect and look to be at the required size. Thank you sharing your lovely earrings, Heidi.

  6. How far from the end of the wire do you make the loop before you start wrapping? Also, is the wire pliable enough to just wrap with your fingers? As you can tell, I’m very new to this craft.

  7. Do you happen to know a place called Davis Art Center? There is also someone named Heidi, and she is really good at crafts too. I really like the earrings, and I’m going try and make one of these for a friend. Can you use regular scissors to cut the wire?

  8. Another wonderful Tutorial! Thank you! Easy to follow. Also I did the wrap portion in the 20 gauge as well as your 24 gauge both turned out great! Thanks so much for your time and effort on these. Really nice!

  9. I just made a pair and they’re simple and gorgeous. Love love love wrapped jewelry. Thank you very much for the simple and straightforward tutorial!

  10. Heidi, these are very cute earrings. In the second one I see a white bead – may be pearl. In that case do you still use liver of sulfur for patina? I am going to give this tutorial a try. I have done herringbone style before but like the cuteness of this one. Thank you for sharing it free. I am also Face booking it . You’ll find me in Fb under Alankarshilpa jewelry and Dita Basu.

  11. Hi! Your tutorial is GREAT! You have perfect photos and easy to understand instructions. Thank you for allowing those of us who enjoy beading to learn from you. Your design is nice and makes a very nice and attractive earring. I have been beading for many years but am just now wirewrapping. I want to make earWIRES for my own earrings and just have not spent the time nor looked to find what SIZE wire to use (which you have stated….a 20 I believe). What I am wondering is: what do I use on the end of the earwire that goes through the ear to make it smooth to slide easily and painlessly? I would very much appreciate your help and am thanking you very much for your time. Many Blessings to you and yours. Very Sincerely, Dee Jannise

  12. I love this tutorial! Thank you! Would you mind sharing the name of the stone in the last photo (the liver of sulfur pair)? Thanks again:)

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