My Five seconds of Fame…

Good morning, friends!

Last Fall, I was given the opportunity via The Artisan Group to send a piece of Jewelry to Leigh Leverett, the wardrobe stylist for CW’s The Vampire Diaries, for consideration to be worn on the show.  This was new territory for me.  I had watched the show before but was not overly familiar with the characters and their current style, so I had to watch a few episodes to get a feel for the type of jewelry they wore.  Of course this resulted in a new addiction to the show!

I decided on a very simple, yet edgy, pair of sterling silver hoop earrings that resemble blades.  I decided to keep them plain and shiny so that they would show up on screen were they chosen to be used.


Let me tell you, it KILLED me not hammer or oxidize these earrings!  It wasn’t long after the bag of artisan jewelry and accessories was delivered to the set that I got an e-mail from Leigh Leverett herself letting me know that they were going to be using my earrings in an upcoming episode.

After months of feverishly watching the show and paying extra attention to  ears (and Ian Somerhalder), I received another e-mail letting me know that my earrings would be worn by Claire Holt’s character, Rebekah in episode 4.17, “Because of the Night.” (photo by: Jasmine Vylot)

claireholt headshot

Rebekah is probably my favorite character.  I love her accent!  She is the bad girl vampire who everyone loves to hate, but lately she’s shown a tender side as she’s determined to find the cure so that she can be human again and someday have a family.  The episode aired Thursday, March 21.  Rebekah’s hair was down during the episode, but I was able to get plenty of glimpses of my earrings.

So here it is, drumroll…………


My five seconds of fame!  It may not seem like much to some, but as a designer this is what you wait for your entire career – to be watching TV and see your work, knowing that millions are watching.

And this is only the beginning for me.  In December I had another amazing opportunity through The Artisan Group to send a piece to Audrey Fisher, the costume designer for HBO’s hit series True Blood.  Earlier this year I was notified that my piece had been selected by Audrey Fisher to be used on Season 6, which will premier in June, 2013.  Stay tuned….


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