4 thoughts on “Press

  1. lovely and simple, i noted the light green ring( larger stone, is a different style of wrap, the side wraps aren’t noticed. do you have a tutorial on that one?

  2. i also noted, the picture of the golden small bead( appears to look like tiger’s eye) on the left, looks to be a type of Criss-cross wire wrap design, wher once again, you don’t see the sid finishing tie off wrapping on the shank. Do you have a way of dong that one, or are my eyes playing tricks on me with the photography, it looks more of a pattern as i see it, what i can see of it.
    do you have a tutorial of this too? thanks.

    1. I love your designs, they are simple but they don’t need more “simplicity in design is the hardest thing a designer can achieve without having to sacrifice something in return “.

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